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My passion for technology and design is much more than sitting at a computer making ugly things look beautiful, the design is to inspire people with my work and I believe my portfolio is evidence of this.

veronika silbergerova

My name is Veronika.

I love combining design and business.

I love sci-fi (especially the movie Interstellar), sushi, podcasts. In addition to websites and graphics, I paint on leather jackets, which I sell under my brand Voxa. I am Pisces zodiac sign and my friends liken my character to Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones. 

I believe that when it comes to Marketing, what you want is unimportant — it is what your CUSTOMER wants that matters — and what your customer wants is probably significantly different from what you think he wants.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Middlesex University London with a major in Graphic Design. I worked in many companies where I had the opportunity to learn SEO, Website Development, or Branding. I am currently working in a big company with an even bigger heart – CzechTrade UK and I am also studying MSc. IT Management at University College London.

My usual clients are...



Medium size companies



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Price list

„How much does a new website cost? What if I’m not happy with the final outcome? How long will it take to have my website online?“ You can find all these answers on my price list.

Testimonials & references

"Veronika was specifically positively contributing in the following areas - news, social media and digital marketing. However, it was mainly the task of designing a completely new website for one of our clients that stood out. Veronika showcased not only talent and skills but she cooperated with the business development team in a great way whilst doing the design, contributing to the business success of this project. – In general, she worked with the team with enthusiastic drive and passion. Finally, she also proved showing an interest in new technologies and ideas in sectors such as automotive which are key elements to CzechTrade activities."

Martin Macourek | Managing Director CzechTrade UK

"Veronika has been a major asset for 6M Digital Limited. She has delivered premium graphic design work on a consistent basis which has enabled our business to service clients effectively. Veronika has been very meticulous and attentive during the creative process. She has an uncanny ability to balance the needs of the client while also offering creative alternatives. Consistently she has delivered high quality work under in a professional manner and has always gone out of her way to ensure clients are adequately serviced."


"As her tutor I have been impressed with her approach to projects, her dedication to her own learning and how she can independently produce materials to meet both the requirements of the workshop projects, and the deadlines associated to them."

G. Cruickshank | Senior Lecturer | MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY, LONDON

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